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The Best 2 Ton Split AC Price and Buying Guide in India

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The Best 2 Ton Split AC Price and Buying Guide in India. Here is a post about the best 2-ton Split AC, its price in India and it’s buying guidance for every AC buying aspirant.

In this post, we are talking about the kind of best inverter AC, which can be a lot useful for us for huge cooling work in the present and future times also. The two-ton split inverter AC can be compared to a common inverter AC, and it is shown that the 2-ton split AC consumes less electricity than others.

Now we are listing the best 2-ton inverter split ACs which are the most popular and appropriate for use in India.

We also make an AC Buying terms guide for the consumer’s help at the end of the whole article. All features and their works are described there. By that, one can get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the best and suitable AC for their home. One should go through the topic before buying the AC. 

2 Ton Split AC Price and Buying Guide in India

Here we are discussing some important terms and features related to the 2-ton split Air Conditioner. The features are listed below,

  1. Technology Of Inverter Air Conditioner In Split AC
  2. Air Purifier System In Split AC
  3. Star Rating [BEE, EER, ISEER] And Energy Efficiency Of An AC
  4. Copper Condenser Coil Vs Aluminium Condenser Coil In Split AC


We are discussing inverter technology of the Inverter Air Conditioner. A device is used in the AC system to convert the frequency of the current flow. This conversion makes an AC more energy efficient. The device is called the Inverter. 

Now, here we can note down some helping features of the best inverter split AC.

  1. The inverter split AC is a more energy-efficient worker than any other regular AC.
  2. An inverter split AC works to adjust the speed of the compressor. This can control the antifreeze flow rate which minimizes the power consumption. 
  3. A non-inverter AC starts and stops rapidly to make a room cool, but activation for several times consumes a lot of currents. But an inverter AC always starts and stops automatically and need no rapid activation for cooling. It doesn’t consume more power during work for this inverter technology.
  4. The split AC can regulate the speed of the fan and cooling work automatically with the room temperature.
  5. The speed motor of split AC can change automatically, which depends on the room temperature.
  6. A split AC can consume approximately 30%-40% less current than a regular split AC.
  7. Survey says that a 3-star inverter AC is better to use than a BEE 5-star regular split AC as it can consume 7-8% less power than the normal one. [Survey of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency]
  8. An inverter split AC can make the room temperature constant after some time of running. There is no need to think about the compressor as it doesn’t fluctuate. But a normal split AC shuts down its compressor after the first time of cooling. When the room temperature increases, it starts work again. This takes a lot of energy consumption. So a split AC is also bill efficient.


Nowadays, the best technology inverter split AC contains a double filtration system which is used as an air purifier of the AC. The two filtration mode is-

  1. Anti-dust filtration system
  2. Antibacterial filtration system.

Working process: The filters use a system of internal fans to pull the containing air of the room into it. Then the air goes through the filters and the systems work to remove the dust particles, pollen, bacteria and allergens. It also maintains the moisture level of the air and gives us healthy and soothing air. It can purify the air before circulating it in the room.


A good AC filter is both antibacterial and anti-dust, which can improve the air quality of the room. There are some types of filters like 


ELECTROSTATIC AIR FILTER: The filtration system of this filter works by electrostatics. The dust and allergen particles are removed through the electrostatic charge and the magnetic effect helps to attack the wrecks.

NANO SILVER FILTER: This is an antibacterial technology that can detect more or less 650 types of bacteria and can kill them. The system directly attacks the bacteria to destroys the cells and harmful chemical compounds. The combination of hydroxyl ion and superoxide ions works as a lethal to destroy bacterias.

PLEATED AIR FILTER: The system of filtration is made of plates. The plates have a large surface area and that contain fibre. The fibre removes any kind of odor and traps the allergen particles.

Auto-clean is an inter AC function that is used to keep off the extra moisture from the whole unit of AC, it is also a part of the air purification system. It works in some steps.

  1. We have to press the auto-clean option button from the remote for 3 seconds.
  2. The auto-clean function started, and the indoor air blew at full speed.
  3. The process can take 10 to 20 minutes [depends on the AC model].
  4. The blow of air evaporates the moisture stored in the indoor unit.
  5. After that, automatically, the AC turns on and starts working.

The process of auto-cleaning makes the perfect proportion of moisture in the air of the room.

Any kind of 2-ton split AC price depends on its filter quality and modern filtration systems. 


The full form of the rating system BEE is the Bureau of Energy Efficiency which has a grading system called Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). That means the idea of the BEE rating for AC and ISEER rating is based on the same idea. This is very easy to think that the BEE rating is also made for home appliances. We can say that the BEE rating for AC is also a star rating system that is used in India.

ISEER rating means a total load of cooling or the amount of removed or transferred heat to the total amount of energy which is consumed by the inverter split air conditioner. We can say, ISEER rating: Cooling seasonal energy consumption (CSEC) or Cooling seasonal total load (CSTL). The organization of Energy Efficiency has an appraise system which is called Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). This is used for domestic home appliances such as AC, refrigerator and some other electrical equipment. Since the temperature across India is much higher, and it has extreme changes through the different seasons, so the EER standards and method of calculating performance were not appropriate for India, it was less than the ideal. Air conditioners consume a lot of electric energy, and that gets high electricity bills. Thus, there’s a new seasonal EER rating which is called ISEER rating in India. There is no difference behind the idea of EER and ISEER, the only difference between them is- EER can measure only the cooling energy of an AC, but ISEER can measure the seasonal total load and energy consumption together. 


We discuss that the basic idea of EER and SEER is quite the same. But a clash always arrives at the time of buying AC, EER Vs ISEER. We can discuss them and will try to clarify EER Vs ISEER.

  1. The world over the ideal method of defining energy efficiency of air conditioners in any temperature and climate is not EER, but it is ISEER. It can work through any climate.
  2. EER also called COP is used to work upon the formula: Output cooling capacity ÷ Input Wattage. But the basic theory behind ISEER is that the temperature or climate does not remain the same round the year. There is a seasonal variation of temperatures, so variation in the amount of cooling is highly required.
  3. The amount of electricity or energy required by an air conditioner to make a room cool to 25 degrees or any other standard temperature is different when the outside temperature is 30 degrees and when the outside temperature is 40 degrees. EER can’t make a room cool in this changing temperature but ISEER can.
  4. Also, the usage of energy (in hours per day) would change as per the seasons which the ISEER can control but EER can’t.
  5. Every country has a different climate profile, so SEER standards have to be different for different countries. Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) is the ratio of the total amount of heat of a year that the equipment mode. EER can work at a standard temperature so it can’t be suitable for India.

Now we can also discuss EER Vs SEER through their benefits.

Benefits of ISEER rating

  1. It gives Lower Utility Bills.
  2. It has a good impact on the environment.
  3. One can avail them with rebates and incentives.
  4. It removes moisture from the content air and provides us with better humidity control.

Benefits of EER rating

  1. The main benefit of EER ratings of an AC is that it costs more money during the purchasing, but in the long run, it always saves the money. But it is not useful for changing the climate.
  2. In the places where the ACs are constantly running like big offices, huge halls and business sectors or industrial usage, the higher-rated EER ACs provide huge savings in a short period.
  3. Any portable AC has higher EER ratings which can also give the same saving in homes and business sectors (only at a constant temperature).

So we can say that for temperature changing countries like India, we can go for an ISEER rating AC over the debate of EER Vs ISEER. Also, it is notified that the ISEER rating is quite better than the BEE rating for AC. Here we have mentioned all the BEE and ISEER ratings of every 2-ton split AC.

[The 2-ton split AC price is also dependent on the rating of an AC.]


The most used metal condensers are made of copper or aluminium. We are here to discuss which condenser is good for AC. So now, let’s see what the Copper Condenser Coil and the Aluminum Condenser Coil is.

COPPER CONDENSER COIL: In the time of past machinery, mainly copper is used to make a condenser coil. We can say that there was only one good quality coil, Copper Condenser Coil. The Copper Condenser Coil is used in HVAC systems. Though it was efficient and had more benefits than any other, it was very expensive, and everybody can’t afford it.

ALUMINUM CONDENSER COIL: In the year of 1970, there arose a change in the whole air conditioner industry. The company General Electric started making coils with Aluminium. It is a low-cost condenser so that AC became affordable to most of the people. 


Since the past, there has been a long debate about choosing Copper Condenser Coil and Aluminium Condenser Coil. It is a confusing question, which metal condenser is good for AC? We can discuss the characteristics of both.

1) Characteristics of heat transfer: The coil is the only place where the heat transfer takes place. The coil making metal should be a very good heat transferring material. Though Copper condenser coil is more expensive than aluminium ones, it is more efficient about heat transfer. Due to the higher heat transfer character, copper is better to use in making an Air Conditioner coil.

2) The quality of being easily bent, Pliability: An important factor to judge a metal for making a coil is Pliability. It means the quality of being easily bent due to heat. Aluminium can be bent easier than copper, and we can make any desired shape by it easily. But to make a desired copper condenser coil the same as aluminium one, many more amounts of copper is needed.

[Nowadays, for making low-cost coils for air conditioners much thinner copper coils are made. It can reduce the cost of AC and can make it affordable to all.]

3) Reliability and Strength: It is much easier to repair a copper coil than the aluminium condenser coil. Sometimes, damaged aluminium coils need total replacement due to no way to repair it. The coil made of copper is also stronger than the aluminium one. Both of them are durable, but the copper one is more than an aluminium coil.

4) Maintenance and its cost: The metal condensers are placed in the outer unit of the Air Conditioner. So the climate, environmental temperature and dust can affect them. So they require regular cleaning for longevity and long-lasting good function. The copper condenser coil is easy to clean, and there is no extra maintenance cost. While the coil made of Aluminium is not as strong as the copper one. It requires good protection from damage and also very difficult to clean it. So the maintenance cost is high for the aluminium condenser coil.

5) Corrosion of coil: To determine the lifespan of any Air Conditioner, corrosion is very important. This character plays the role to damage the metal coils. Due to this damage, the heat transfer process becomes hampered and also leakage can happen. The coils should be protected from the corrosion, which is made from higher humid potential and salty water bodies (from the seacoast area). Though Aluminium is affordable, it can’t resist corrosion more than a Copper Condenser Coil. So a copper coil is better to make a long-lasting coil.

6) Cost of metal: The price of copper metal is higher than Aluminium. The coil of copper costs more than the aluminium one. So the use of the copper condenser coil increases the price of an air conditioner. If we want to reduce the manufacturing cost, we have to go for an aluminium coil. Though the longevity of copper coil is more than Aluminium, it costs much and makes the AC non-affordable to many.

So, it is still confusing which metal condenser is good for AC. The copper one has more facilities but higher cost. The aluminium one has fewer facilities than copper coil but affordable cost. So, which condenser is good for AC? We can say that it depends on the budget of the buyer. Any kind of 2-ton split AC price depends on its condenser material and quality. Nowadays Alloy is also used in making condenser coils.

This is an era of technology. So, various kinds of affordable and useful new technology condensers are made for the inverter split AC of our needs.

  1. Microchannels: There’s a type of coils named Micro Channel which is aluminium coils. They contain flat tubes which are made of small aluminium-containing channels named micro-channels. Via these channels, the refrigerant flows.
  2. Bluefin condensers: It is a type of condenser which has a coating upon the coil which makes them anti-corrosive. Panasonic, Blue star, etc use this kind of coil.
  3. Gold fin condenser: it is actually a kind of bluefin condenser. The metal gold is used to make the coat on the coil, thus this is called Gold Fin Condenser.
  4. Ocean black protection condenser: This is a type of corrosion protected copper condenser used by LG. It is much useful for the coast area.

Here is all about various 2-ton split Air Conditioners. Every feature and ultra-modern systems are discussed here. Everybody needs to know these features before deciding to buy any AC. This is a whole guideline article for knowing about every bit of an AC. That’s all the folk. 

We hope this post helped you to find out The Best 2 Ton Split AC Price and Buying Guide in India. 

We love to hear your comments on this article. Please feel free to leave any comments here.

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