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Canon Launches PowerShot Zoom Telescope Camera

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Canon Launches PowerShot Zoom Telescope Camera & It’s a compact, monocular-style camera equipped with a telephoto lens. dubbed the canon PowerShot zoom, this is the company’s newest bet to try to attract consumers who have switched from conventional point-and-shoot cameras to the convenience of their cell phones. first unveiled in 2019, the camera was launched last week in Japan on a crowdfunding platform, reaching its goal just 13 hours later.

After the success of the monocular-looking Canon’s latest camera there, the company is all set to launch it for the US market. The new Canon PowerShot Zoom is a portable telescope camera that allows people to pack lightweight.

Canon says that the PowerShot Zoom has been designed to attract the attention of hikers and birdwatchers. But the PowerShot Zoom can be a great device to carry for spectators at sports events as well.

The PowerShot Zoom comes in a single color option, that is, white. The canon PowerShot zoom has a peculiar design compact enough to fit in your hand and weighs just 145 grams. it is equipped with a 12.1 MP CMOS sensor that works together with the DIGIC 8 processor, allowing it to record videos in full HD. But what’s really game-changing in this camera is the telephoto lens, which offers an optical zoom from 100 mm to 400 mm and an extended 800 mm with the digital zoom.

In addition, the camera can also be connected to your cellphone through a dedicated app, allowing you to see the images you’re taking in real-time. ‘sports goal scenes, bird watching, spectacular views on the road, serious facial expressions of children at recitals, everyday moments. with canon’s telescope-type pocket-sized camera PowerShot zoom, you can zoom in an instant and have it forever captured’.

As for video-specs, Canon PowerShot Zoom can capture full-HD videos at 30fps. The camera also comes with a max burst of 10fps. The tiny camera device, which weighs around 144 grams, boasts a microSDXC card slot and a USB-C port.

The physical interface of the PowerShot Zoom appears to be simple. There are Zoom, Power, and Menu buttons near the front and the camera users get a Photo and Video shutter button at the back.

Canon PowerShot Zoom telephoto camera will be available from late November in the US for $299.99. There is no official statement from Canon if the latest PowerShot Zoom camera will launch in India or not. Canon is probably taking some more time and would rather release the tiny PowerShot Zoom at a slow pace for other markets.

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