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Microsoft’s Plan For Ad-Supported PCs May Not Be A Terrible Idea

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Microsoft’s Plan For Ad-Supported PCs May Not Be A Terrible Idea. At a time when global PC sales fall, what might computer giant Microsoft consider to keep sales up? Cheap cloud-connected systems paid for by subscriptions and advertisements of course!

In a number of vacancies on the official Windows site – including this one now closed message(opens in new tab) for a software engineer from earlier this year – the company is looking for engineers to join a team that will “build a new direction for Windows in a cloud-first world”.

Included in the job posting is the possibility of low-cost PC models available by subscription, with ads trying to offset some of the cost. There was some allusion to this potential new model by CEO Satya Nadella when he responded to comments by financial analysts in Microsoft’s profit call on October 25. When answering questions about Microsoft’s future plan, Nandella said one of the goals would be to emphasize the inclusion of advertising in what the company offers.

Advertisements are everywhere and most of us have come to accept this truth. We grin and wear the repetitive and often annoying series of jingles and skits that make the minute or so-long pause of our show or YouTube video so hated. When we think of Netflix and its ‘ads base’ tierEven when we think we’re free, ads pop up. So, unfortunately, it would make sense for Microsoft to consider low-cost machines supported by subscriptions and ads.

The knee-jerk reaction here is to be absolutely furious and annoyed and want to eat your keyboard because again, we can be bombarded with ads for things that don’t need ads. However, if we take a step back here, we might consider this a good thing if Microsoft continues the idea wisely.

We live in a hyper-connected world and the idea is that people or communities who otherwise couldn’t afford a decent PC can now access technology at a lower cost. Of course, this depends on what the subscription price might be (if it ever comes to fruition), but if you could get your hands on an install and just have to deal with a few ads, it could be a good thing.

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