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Microsoft Might Start Including Ads In Free-To-Play Games

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Microsoft Might Start Including Ads In Free-To-Play Games. Free-to-play games mostly reach out to a larger number of gamers than paid games simply because you don’t have to pay a single penny to play them.
Some of the free games require players to pay for weapons, skins, and other items. The money that gaming publishers earn by selling these items is put into the development process of these games. However, one doesn’t have to pay anything to try them out on a basic level.

As per a report published in Business Insider, Microsoft is contemplating generating revenue for free-to-play games through advertisements. According to this report, Microsoft is planning to offer a good amount of advertising revenue to developers who create and upgrade free-to-play games for the company.

Microsoft Might Start Including Ads In Free-To-Play Games

According to reliable sources, the advertisements that Microsoft plans to include in these games would not have any adverse effect on the gameplay. These advertisements, most likely, will feature different types of in-game structures like product placement, hoardings, and billboards. In the recent past, one witnessed this kind of in-game advertising in games multiple times.

The Business Insider report also states that Microsoft has no plans of pocketing a part of the advertising revenue. Its main goal, as per the report, is to create a prominent source of revenue for developers who work on free-to-play games. Receiving a stable source of revenue for these games would enable the company to release more titles in this space.

At the moment, Microsoft is not sure whether it would get advertisers on board immediately. It is concerned about the fact that once advertisements become a part of free-to-play games, many of the players might want to stay away from them. Right now, the company is discussing the various pros and cons related to this step carefully.

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