How To Find a Niche And Make Money This Time

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How To Find a Niche And Make Money This Time. Generally, Affiliate Marketing is far from an easy way to make money online, but not when you’ve found the right niche! But what is a niche? Whether or not you know how to define one can play a huge impact on whether or not you know where to find one.

How I Define a Niche

In my book, a niche is a more specific area of a larger or more general market. For example, a niche Market could be, computers, recreation, health and pretty much any broad category you can think of. But a niche would be more specific like, programming (in the niche market of computers), miniature golfs (in the niche market of recreation), or water treatment (in the niche market of health). Making sense yet? Well, I hope so because that was the easy part.

So How Do You Find a Niche?

This is where things can get tough. It seems like everyone in the world is in the Internet Marketing business these days, making it harder and harder to find an unpopulated niche. It seems like all of the good ones are taken, but what a lot of people don’t get is that the good niches aren’t always the big ones. I’ve found that in most cases, the good niches are the smaller ones. So here are my steps to finding a niche that you can actually make some money from!

1. Before you find your niche – The first thing I recommend you do is finding a product on Clickbank or whatever affiliate vendor you’re using. Because you want to make sure that once you do find a niche, there’s actually a product you can make lucrative. What good is it if you’ve found the perfect niche, but can’t make any money from it? Oh yeah, and as a note, choosing the most popularly promoted product isn’t always the best idea. That means more competition for you.

2. Start looking at the smaller niches – The problem that a lot of Internet Marketers have is that they go for the biggest most obvious niches they can find, like “make money online” for example. You can make money in that niche, but it’s a hell of a lot easier working in a niche that has no competition. For example, you can be in a niche with millions of people and make no sales a day because of all the competition. While in a niche with only about a thousand people, you could make 5 sales a day because of the lack of competition. If you’re trying to find a niche and actually make money, start looking at the smaller ones.

3. Search for your niche the smart way – Stop wasting your time sitting in your room brainstorming about what you think people want. You’ll take ages if you try to find a niche that way. Look for your niche the smart way. I use Google Directory and save more time than you could imagine. By visiting Google Directory, you can click on each category, you’ll get a more and more specific niche, it rocks. Try clicking on random categories and you’ll end up finding a niche you didn’t even know existed! 9 times out of 10, if you didn’t know a niche existed, there’s going to be a huge lack of competition, which rocks!

4. Don’t just stop by and go – If you want to be the most effective in a niche, the best way to do so is to make yourself an authority. If you promote one product and then head off to the next niche, you’re not going to make as much progress as you could be making. Promote a few products in the same niche and if you’re customers realize that the products you’re promoting are as good as you say they are, they’ll spread the word and for you, that’s a great thing!

So You Ready To Start Making Some Money?

Making money as an Affiliate Marketer is tough, but if you place yourself in the right niche, you’ll be making money in your sleep, trust me. Just remember, the big niches are normally not the best ones. It’s like running a grocery store, you’re going to make more money if you’re the only one in the neighborhood. Find an unpopulated niche and you’ll be making more money than you imagined. So next time you try to find a niche, do it the right way. Good luck.

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