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5 Sure-Fire Ways Not to Get Traffic to Your Blog

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5 Sure-Fire Ways Not to Get Traffic to Your Blog. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves bloggers, while many of us want traffic (and more of it) to our blogs there are still several bloggers who don’t want traffic to their blogs. Even though many of these bloggers might not profess it, they are actually exhibiting it, and action they say speaks louder than words. I have searched the web and I see most bloggers only tell you how to get traffic to your blog so I have decided to write this post that will give you more details on how not to get traffic to your blog (note in the title: “sure-fire”, these tips works!).

5 Sure-Fire Ways Not to Get Traffic to Your Blog

1. Keep Writing Crap

I am subscribed to a particular blog, and anytime I receive a new blog post update from this blogger, I just keep laughing and the next thing I do is that I mark the email and click the delete button next to it.

Your blog is there for a reason and if we could get it right, your blog is not titled “personal blog” or “personal development blog” so why keep writing how you fed your cat and how the new teeth of your dog grew yesterday. We are tired of all these personal news and we never said we came online to read your story, we are reading blogs because we want to improve our knowledge, we want to know more about blogging (which is what your blog claims to be about).

I am not saying this to discourage you and believe me, I have been into this before.

When I was still a professional crap writer, today I will write about how I wrote 16 guest posts in one week and tomorrow it is all about me, my readers aren’t complaining but I was able to figure out I was doing what is wrong – and I corrected myself.

NOTE: I am not saying this to discourage you; I am saying this from my own personal experience: You don’t need your readers to tell you if you write great content, you will get that conviction in yourself but if you find it difficult to get that, you will know by the response and the traffic your posts bring.

2. You Hate Your Readers and Let Them Know This

Oh, let me say it better. you like yourself more than your readers. and let them know this.

I was told a story of a particular artist who had 5000+ facebook fans, anytime he uploads his designs/drawings to Facebook a lot of his friends will begin to comment and praise him. One the day of this artist’s birthday he got hundreds of messages as birthday compliment. The next day, this artist went to his Facebook page and published something of this nature “Out of all the greetings I received yesterday, this is the one I love most “{INSERT ARTIST” S NAME} The Great, you are the greatest artist…”, the next time this artist uploaded his design to facebook he didn’t get any comment – PRIDE!

One of the most dangerous mistakes a blogger will make is looking down on his readers. Many of your readers are more learned and intelligent than you are, they’re taking their time to comment and share your posts and it wouldn’t be okay to begin to disrespect them. Show them some respect, let them know they matter to you.

3. Only Write Great Content – And Wait For “Angel Luck” to Find You

Another mistake many bloggers make is that they keep expecting traffic without promoting. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, take your time, go out there and promote your blog.

You don’t need to waste your time writing content that nobody will read but focus half of your effort on writing and half on promotion. It is better to write one post on your blog in a week and promote your blog a lot than to write 5 posts a week and not promote your blog.

There are various ways to promote your blog and many articles have been written on the subject here, just browse through the archives and you are ready to go.

4. Write Anyhow – Don’t Focus on Improving Your English

If I tell you how many readers and opportunities I have lost due to grammatical errors you wouldn’t believe it.

Many bloggers (mostly new) have lost a large percentage of their readers due to grammatical and structural errors, you might think your traffic matters, but great readers that would influence your blogging journey do care about little things like this. A journalist can’t be reading your blog with lots of grammatical errors on it.

Try as much as you can to make sure you proofread your blog posts at least 3-4 times, this will make it better and also go viral easily.

It might be difficult at first but doing it continually has its rewards (at least that’s what I have learned).

5. Don’t Network – It’s Useless

Another sure-fire way to make sure you don’t get traffic to your blog is by making sure you don’t network, you know you are on another planet and networking is damn useless there Or you are a different type of blogger and you want to be totally unique and different, so don’t network – it’s useless, isn’t it?


I do get traffic to my blog and it is increasing by the day and believe me, it is very painful coming up with this post, let me know which other ways you can make sure you don’t get traffic to your blog – and to up it, let me know your sure-fire ways by which you can get traffic to your blog.

We hope this post helped you to find out 5 Sure-Fire Ways Not to Get Traffic to Your Blog.

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