The Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Blog

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The Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Blog. These days having and maintaining a high-quality website, engaging your readers actively and regularly via social media, and updating your blog on a daily basis aren’t enough in terms of marketing tactics. Sure, they all contribute to running a successful blog, and they all certainly help to increase your blog’s exposure, but if your website isn’t compatible with mobile phones, you’re losing a huge chunk of potential business.

  1. People live on their phones. The majority of people are attached to their smartphones 24-7 these days. More and more people are accessing websites, including the blogs they read, on their phones or mobile devices, and if they can’t view a page on these devices they will move on to one that is mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t set up for viewing on smartphones, but other bloggers’ websites are, you just lost out on some potential readers.
  2. The load time is faster. In today’s fast-paced world people expect instant results. Regular websites take a long time to load on smartphones, whereas mobile-friendly websites load much more quickly. No one wants to wait on your website to load, and most people won’t waste the time waiting, they’ll move onto a faster loading site.The Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Blog
  3. Sites that are optimized for mobile devices are easier to view. A regular website designed for a standard computer screen is usually much more in-depth than one that is optimized for a mobile device. When you’re at a desktop computer you can appreciate the more in-depth approach. However, when you’re on a phone, where the screen is much smaller, having a simplified website makes it much easier for users to view the site and read the content they’re interested in reading.
  4. Advertising for mobile devices is increasing. As more and more people are pouring their advertising dollars into smartphones or mobile devices, it’s important to ensure that your website keeps up. To ensure that your site gets the most bang for its [advertising and marketing] buck you’ll want to make sure that it’s compatible with mobile devices.
  5. The age demographic of smartphone users is most likely your demographic. The majority of people using smartphones and accessing websites on mobile devices fall into the ’20s to 40’s age range, which is, more than likely, your blog’s demographic. Ensuring that your website is formatted to appeal to that demographic means more business for you.

These days having a blog that is optimized for mobile devices and smartphones is crucial to obtaining more traffic, especially if you make a living from your blog. Don’t miss out on any potential traffic by not having a mobile-friendly website.

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