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100W Fast Charging Technology Xiaomi Black Shark Phone

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100W Fast Charging Technology Xiaomi Black Shark Phone. Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is quite innovative and has been doing well in the smartphone market. However, when it comes to charging capacity, another Chinese company, Oppo, has been on top of it.  Xiaomi, in recent years, has greatly improved several aspects of its smartphones. The company has significantly raised the bar in terms of its cameras and fast charge capability. Speaking about the latter, it is Oppo who currently leads the market with its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 technology.

However, a while ago, Xiaomi confirmed that it was developing a 100W fast charge technology. Now, it looks like this technology could hit the market this year, and it would be on a Black Shark flagship phone. These impressive numbers of fast charging power, which once seemed unthinkable, are getting closer and closer.

Lenovo has also claimed that its first Lenovo Legion Phone will feature 90W fast charging. This implies that the era of 100W fast charging is just around the corner. According to information recently leaked via Weibo, the upcoming Black Shark flagship phone will break the 100W charging barrier.

Over the past year, Xiaomi and Vivo showcased their own ultra-powerful fast-charging solutions. Xiaomi showed a 100W technology, while Vivo boasted of reaching up to 120W. Earlier this year, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China, said that the 100W fast charging technology is still in its early stages. However, he also pointed out that the expected mass production and commercial use of 100W fast charging technology could start soon.

Although fast 100W charging will soon become mainstream in the near future, Lu Weibing says there are some technical difficulties that must be faced. For example, the problem of protection for batteries, chargers, and motherboards. Moreover, the optimal capacity of the smartphone’s battery cycle, which can be decreased in long-term usage.


According to Lu Weibing, fast charging technology needs to consider 5 technical difficulties:

  • Battery capacity loss: This refers to the overall usability of the battery. The faster the charging speed, the greater the battery capacity loss. This means that with such high power charging, the battery can not perform at optimal capacity for long.
  • Technical realization (technical architecture): It also has to consider the ultra-high voltage charging scheme. It has to be compatible with different regions so it will not cause any issue for users.
  • Performance: To make 100W charging is technically possible. However, the development also strongly considers its ability to achieve long and sustainable workability
  • Security: This is one of the most important aspects of fast charging. It needs to have multiple protections for motherboard/battery/charger, etc.
  • Cover multiple charging scenarios: Consider wired charging + wireless charging scenarios, and charger compatibility.

It is worth noting that in 2019, Lin Bin, Vice President of Xiaomi Group, gave a technical demonstration of the brand’s 100W fast charge. With the aforementioned technology, it could fully charge a 4,000mAh battery capacity phone in just 17 minutes. This is only based on the early stages of initial testing. When the technology finally goes into mass production, the speed could be even faster. At the moment, it is unknown if this expected technology becomes a reality this year.

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