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Sandisk 400GB MicroSD XC Card With A2 For More Faster Speed

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Sandisk 400GB MicroSD XC Card With A2 For More Faster Speed

Sandisk today announces The new 400Gb Sandisk is the ultimate UHS-I microSDXC card, providing 160 MB / second transfer spread & it 50% faster than the current generation Extreme UHS-1 MicroSDXC memory card. This memory card will also come with the A2 technology & makes the application work better for helping to load more than faster.

Western Digital Corporation is working with only new industry-leading solutions that help consumers conserve and use more information in a timely manner. On February 26, the Mobile World Congress announced the 400GB Sandisk Extreme UHS-1 MicroSDXC Card. It displays the potential for flash memory in the near future and is designed to provide final performance, which will soon be needed to increase the size of the files.

Sandisk 400GB MicroSD XC Card With A2 For More Faster Speed
Image Of: Sandisk 400GB MicroSD XC Card

The company is also exhibiting its new platform to enable the memory cards to use the PCIe standards which can further enhance the performance.

The company exclaims that the technology can now be demonstrated to boost the performance of SD cards. This kind of high speeds become essential when you have to record videos at 8K resolution or while recording super slow motion videos where the read & write performance of the microSD cards is benchmarked. The PCIe technology has generally reserved for high-performance data center system and has capabilities of reaching speeds up to 985MB/s

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