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Pro Tips For Mobile App Development You Shouldn’t Miss

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18 Pro Tips For Mobile App Development You Shouldn’t Miss. Entrepreneurs and startup owners are expected to survive in a business world where more than 6000 mobile apps are developed on a daily basis! However, these are just the number of applications that manage to hit the market, whereas many fail even before reaching this level. Even if we assume that four developers are required to develop one mobile app, the average comes down to 25,000 developers. As per this data, we can figure out that the competition is pretty fierce.

Considering the pace at which smartphones are upgrading almost every month, mobile app development has become a skill that only a few can master. By the time a mobile app is developed for a target platform, a new update is introduced, leaving the application with several bugs and glitches.

With smartphones becoming one of the most sought after modes of communication, many companies have stepped in the race of becoming the best app developer. If you are also one of them, we have come up with 18 pro tips for mobile app development that will help you create the perfect applications.

1. Conduct a brief analysis

The first step is to understand the demands of your target audience before you start with the development process. Conducting a detailed analysis will help you figure out the strategy your competitors are using and their positive and negative points.

2. Stay updated with the latest trend

Trends do not stay; they keep shifting, which is why the entrepreneurs need to keep up with the latest trend before they move to the development part. Doing so will enable you to be innovative and increases the chances of your app to enter the top market. You also need to decide whether you want to go with the cross-platform app development tool or native app development kit.

3. Pick a catchy name

This is one of the most useful tips which will help you stand out from the ordinary. Developing a mobile app successfully requires every single aspect of it to be appealing, unique, and creative. The name of your app is a significant factor that determines how much it will appeal to your customer base. For instance, people are not likely to download an app that has a sentence-long name. However, trimming it to make a catchy one-word name is sure to make an impression. More users will download, use, and talk about it.

4. Make sure the app meets your idea

On average, people use less than ten apps every day and less than 30 apps every month. You would definitely not want to develop an app that is more like a replica of an existing one. Every developer aims to develop a new and unique app. While developing it, either highlight or instead let your unique idea be the base of your app. Besides avoiding overstuffing your app, ensure that every page of the UI echoes what your mobile app promised in its description.

5. Choose the right category

You must have noticed the ”similar apps” suggestion displayed on any app store when you download an application. This suggestion plays a massive role in helping any new app reach its target audience. Therefore you need to be careful when choosing your correct category as it will enable your app to hit a specific audience base that is likely to give it a thumbs up.

6. Select the right platform

It is advised to pick one right platform and develop your mobile app for that one first. Even if you are planning to make your app reach every platform, it is smart, to begin with, one which is the most suitable for your app. Moreover, this will give you a chance to analyze your app and develop it as more user-friendly for other platforms. This analysis will let you identify the things which need to be added or removed.

7. Use the right icon

It is a known fact that visual components play a significant role in attracting users, which means more downloads from app stores. Your app icon is the first thing the user will see, therefore having a captivating icon can profoundly influence the users for installing.

8. Test your app regularly

Testing mobile apps is no longer a new concept. Plenty of testing tools have been created solely for this purpose. However, companies still consider testing as a one time process right before launching their apps. To make your app development successful, you need to test your app regularly to detect any bugs or glitch before users do.

9. App monetization strategy

The success of your app depends more or less on how it reaches your audience. In case your app is a paid one, you need to offer a free version for at least a limited time period. This will enable the users to understand what exactly they will be paying for. In case your app targets a real-world issue, leverage the power of QA forums, and explain to the people how your app will help regarding the particular concern. Utilize social media to spread the word about your app and make people talk.

10. Make sure your app is ASO and SEO friendly

Typically, ASO (App Store Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depends vastly on your app’s name. Including high traffic target keywords in your title and description will help improve its ranking in the app store.

11. Optimize

Who would want to install an app which consumes the last pinch of storage space left in their device? From a user’s point of view, an app that takes up less space while serving its sole purpose or one useful task is better. Avoid adding up any unnecessary components that can slow down your app performance. No matter how valuable your app is, slow apps are usually dumped.

12. Offline availability

In this digital world, the Internet is regarded as constant. But still, users find it hard to access a stable high-speed internet connection, which is why they prefer using a Wifi. However, once they are out of their wifi range and switch to their mobile network, if your app shows an error or no internet connection message, you are liable to lose many users. Try tweaking your app a little bit to enable users to access at least one or two features of your app while offline.

13. Keep the Ads limited

No doubt, ads are a great way to earn money, but you need to keep a check on the number of advertisements you include in your app. Constant annoying ads and banners are likely to push away the users, and your app will end up with a 1-star rating and negative reviews.

14. Utilize analytics

Using analytics helps you to know how your users are interacting with your app. What actions they are taking or how they are using it. This will help you gain valuable insights to know if your users are utilizing your app in the right way.

15. Use your existing consumer base to gain more downloads

Ask your users to give their feedback on your app or share your app among their family and friends. A satisfied user tends to increase your downloads by two times.

16. Roll out the right updates

With this, we refer to keeping your timing and content right. Too many updates can annoy the users, while too little upgrades can make your app useless. Moreover, when the trend demands an app update, it is the right time to roll one out.

17. Pay attention to user feedback

Nothing is perfect; even after all these precautions, there will be some flaws in your app. Users who take out their time to write feedback about your app are essential. Read their feedback as it can help you gain some insights about the required improvements.

18. Interact with your users

You should be grateful to every user installing and using your app. Especially the ones writing feedback. You can acknowledge their feedback by writing a “Thank you for your valuable feedback; we will look into the problem.” The more you interact with the users, the more they will feel connected and valued.

So this was all about the mobile app development pro tips. By adhering to these, you will be able to create and launch an innovative app successfully.

We hope this post helped you to find out the 18 Pro Tips For Mobile App Development You Shouldn’t Miss.

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