HP Omen X 65 Joins Nvidia’s Big Effing Display Game at CES

HP Omen X 65 Joins Nvidia’s Big Effing Display Game at CES

The HP OMEN X 65 Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD) sports a 65-inch 4k (2160×3840 pixels) diagonal display with HDR10 support, 120Hz refresh rate, ultra-low latency and 1,000 nits peak luminance. The display features Nvidia G-Sync and Nvidia Shield integration for an improved gaming experience.

The big difference: Nvidia plans to ship in the summer while we won’t see the HP until the fall. (Or, like many ambitious displays announced every year at CES, we may never see it at all.) We won’t get a price until closer to then, either.

It’ll be interesting to see how much these costs, since all the extra built-in Shield technology plus making it a low-latency panel should add some price premium it wouldn’t have if it were just a TV.

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