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How To Get Free High Quality Backlinks Back To Your Website

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How To Get Free High Quality Backlinks Back To Your Website

A link is what you click on to get to a particular web page. It can be a part of a text, a word, a picture. The backlink is the same. It only leads from some other website to your own site.

The structure of the links is very important. Not only from the optimization but also from the marketing aspect. Everyone is aiming to keep visitors, usually to a business transaction. Visitors should be able to navigate through your website. Web visitors are looking at the speed of the information. If they do not get it, they will escape from your web site. Do not rely on some reckless link. We recommend not to place other advertisements on sales websites.

So, a sales website should be the simplest: product description (with image), link to shopping cart and link to the payment section.

Backlinks are also important for SEO. Building backlinks is a bit long and expensive. Yet, without marketing, there are no serious sales. How much do you think serious companies invest in the advertisement? Without investment, you will not be anywhere on the web (except to show the site to your friends) …

Why Backlinks Cost? Simple: because they need to be set up somewhere. The page owners have to pay for the rent, an annual domain, and hosting. Backlinks cost more if others write texts and place them for you. They cost you sometimes little high when you place them in the most- read media because they are the best.

Of course, there are also free links. With free links, you can write and send some things to certain sites. But you will need to spend a lot of time. The third variant is the use of programs for free automatic link creation. But we do not recommend that. If Google sees you have 200 links today, but yesterday you did not have one, Google either wipes you either puts you “behind God s back”.

How Can you Build SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Links?

Social Media Sharing

Google and other search engines don’t count Social Media Backlinks or sharing but, still, it is one of the most important ways to achieve SERP results. It plays an important role in SEO or we can say without it – everything is incomplete. It helps to increase direct clients as well as direct traffic along with backlinks. You can discuss in the groups or you can reach to your competitor’s network for additional backlinks.

It is also important what you sharing and how much it is useful for your readers. If there is something high quality then, it will automatically get more visitors by sharing a lot through your visitors. It will also automatically rank high in the search engines which in-turn help to get more organic traffic.

Article directories

This is a very effective tool and can serve to build credibility. When writing articles, you should use keywords (3% – 6% keyword density) and refer to your website, product, or service. Ensure that the backlinks to your site always contain your keywords in the text link. Follow the guidelines and rules of the article directory. When submitting articles ensure that they are published.

Comments on blogs or forums

Comment on posts in blogs or forums to generate the links. Set up a link to your website user name rather than in a comment. This SEO link building method is usually misused. You can see that a large number of blogs and forums are deleting comments that do not contribute the value. To achieve greatest results, comment on blogs or forums related to your website, services or products. Comment on blogs which allow “do-follow links”.

Reciprocal links

The good idea is to have several quality reciprocal links to high PR (page rank) sites. When two websites connect through links, this is called a reciprocal link. Always link to a website with a high PR (page rank) related to your services or products. You can contact the webmaster of the site to which you want to link. With some web sites, this is an automated process.

From a technical point of view, be aware that Google does not record all the links. Usually, the strongest sites do not allow Google to index links, so it’s useless to upload them there. To emphasize again, repetition is the mother of wisdom. The natural link building is the foundation of your good position on Google and there is no abandonment in this business. The competition is getting bigger. Thus start backlinks right now!

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