How to Download Latest Version Jio POS Plus App v12.1.1

Jio POS Plus App is used by Jio Retailers to Recharge Jio Numbers, New Sim Card Activation, Aadhar Ekyc, Jio Device Order – Like Blank Sim Card, JIP Future Phone, LYF Smartphone & Much More. You would have seen that many retailers have a unique app called JiO POS Plus to recharge our Jio number. You may have searched for the same app in Google Play Store but couldn’t found. In this post, I will share with you how you can download Jio POS Plus App & use it.

How To Update Latest Version Jio POS Plus App v12.1.1

Latest Version Jio POS Plus App v12.1.1

Download Jio POS Plus App Old Version

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We care about our readers that’s why we are going to share how you can Update Jio POS Plus app yourself. What you need to just follow the below steps.

How to Download Latest Version Jio POS Plus App v12.1

  • on Homepage click on Server Details
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the server and group ID.
    Simply enter “” as server and “partners” as group ID.
  • Click Continue and give asked permissions

How to Download Latest Version Jio POS Plus App v12.1

  • Now Enter your Airwatch Agent (Intelligent Hub) username and password and login into the App
  • After Logged in successfully, now click on Managed apps on Homepage and download Airwatch Agent (Intelligent Hub) browser by taping on it. (80% Work done :p )
  • On the homepage of Airwatch Agent (Intelligent Hub), Tap on App catalog. You’ll be asked to open it in the browser.

How to Download Latest Version Jio POS Plus App v12.1

  • Just Open it any browser(such as Chrome etc).
  • Now You’ll see the list of available apps for Jio Retailers. You’ll see the Jio POS Plus App Latest Version 2.1.1 there. click on it and confirm Download.

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