Google Removes 22 Apps From The Play Store That Generated Fake Ads Clicks

Tech giant Google has removed 22 apps from the Google Play Store after being installed over 2 million times in users devices. The applications had been programmed in such a way as to be able to generate false clicks on advertising banners, thus generating illicit revenue for the programmers.

The applications, discovered thanks to SophosLabs, were hosted for a long time in the Play Store and used a special technique to deceive advertising systems. In fact, most of them pretended to be running on an iOS device, in order to increase revenue thanks to the earnings guaranteed by advertising banners on Apple devices.

Google Removes 22 Apps From The Play Store That Generated Fake Ads Clicks

The applications in question opened the advertising banners in hidden windows of the browser (0 pixels high x 0 pixels wide) and generated false interactions with them, in order to get as much money as possible. The operation was made independent of the offending applications, so the gains were made even if the app was closed.

Application Name

  • Sparkle FlashLight
  • Snake Attack
  • Math Solver
  • ShapeSorter
  • Tak A Trip
  • Magnifeye
  • Join Up
  • Zombie Killer
  • Space Rocket
  • Neon Pong
  • Just Flashlight
  • Table Soccer
  • Cliff Diver
  • Box Stack
  • Jelly Slice
  • AK Blackjack
  • Color Tiles
  • Animal Match
  • Roulette Mania
  • HexaFall
  • HexaBlocks
  • PairZap

If you have any of these installed on your Android device, uninstall them now! Interestingly, the iOS versions of these apps are safe to use. Frankly, we wouldn’t take the chance that they might be infected down the road.

Application Details

Package NameTitleSha1
com.sparkle.flashlightSparkle FlashLight9ed2b260704fbae83c02f9f19a2c4e85b93082e7
com.mobilebt.snakefightSnake Attack0dcbbae5d18c33039db726afd18df59a77761c03
com.mobilebt.mathsolverMath Solverbe300a317264da8f3464314e8fdf08520e49a55b
com.takatrip.androidTak A Trip0bcd55faae22deb60dd8bd78257f724bd1f2fc89
com.pesrepi.joinupJoin Upc99d4eaeebac26e46634fcdfa0cb371a0ae46a1a
com.pesrepi.zombiekillerZombie Killer19532b1172627c2f6f5398cf4061cca09c760dd9
com.pesrepi.spacerocketSpace Rocket917ab70fffe133063ebef0894b3f0aa7f1a9b1b0
com.pesrepi.neonpongNeon Pongd25fb7392fab90013e80cca7148c9b4540c0ca1d Flashlight6fbc546b47c79ace9f042ef9838c88ce7f9871f6 Soccerfea59796bbb17141947be9edc93b8d98ae789f81 Diver4b23f37d138f57dc3a4c746060e57c305ef81ff6 Stackc64ecc468ff0a2677bf40bf25028601bef8395fc
net.kanmobi.jellysliceJelly Slice692b31f1cd7562d31ebd23bf78aa0465c882711d
com.maragona.akblackjackAK Blackjack91663fcaa745b925e360dad766e50d1cc0f4f52c
com.maragona.colortilesColor Tiles21423ec6921ae643347df5f32a239b25da7dab1b
com.beacon.animalmatchAnimal Match403c0fea7d6fcd0e28704fccf5f19220a676bf6c
com.beacon.roulettemaniaRoulette Mania8ad739a454a9f5cf02cc4fb311c2479036c36d0a
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