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DxOMark Reveals Manufacturers Offered It Money For Camera Reviews

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DxOMark Reveals Manufacturers Offered It Money For Camera Reviews

Lately, smartphone manufacturers have begun including DxOMark scores in the marketing for their phones. Huawei and Xiaomi are two manufacturers that come to mind. However, some people have come to take the camera rating with a pinch of salt saying the reviews are influenced. Want to know DxoMark’s take on the matter?

Speaking in an interview with AndroidHeadlines, the marketing VP of DxOMark Labs, Nicolas Touchard, revealed that they had received money offers “many times” from both phone and camera makers. However, he was quick to dismiss them as bribes saying that those who offered money were those who had never worked with them before and didn’t understand how they operate.

DxOMark Reveals Manufacturers Offered It Money For Camera Reviews

So, in a nutshell, DxOMark has never accepted money for a review and would likely never do so in future. Mr. Touchard also said in the interview that they have their own schedule for reviews and “are not obliged to do any and don’t want to be obliged in future”. He added that once the manufacturers understood how things were done, they made adjustments.

DxOMark will continue to publish its camera reviews and will not charge for viewing the reviews. Nevertheless, manufacturers can hire them for consulting and seminar services probably like OnePlus did for the OnePlus 5. They can also buy its modular lab configuration tool called the DxO Analyzer to calculate the rating on their own.

DxOMark currently has five labs where it tests devices. The reviews are said to take up to ten days with half going to shooting and the rest spent on analysis. It is also now a separate company from DxOLabs, makers of the DxO One camera.


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