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6 Bad SEO Practices You Should Avoid

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6 Bad SEO Practices You Should Avoid. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main way that businesses bring in new traffic. Mainly company’s, after creating a website, try to do whatever they can to have their site show up on Google, and other search engines, and then try to increase the ranking that their site has on said search engines. While there are plenty of wonderful SEO techniques and practices out there, unfortunately, there are just as many bad, or Black Hat, practices out there. 

1. Cloaked content

This is probably one of the most common, and most likely to get your company banned, practices out there. Mainly a company can designate which parts of a website that Google looks at. Google then lists the website under the titles and keywords that are found in that content. The issue comes when a company shows Google content, and then makes it so viewers see different content such as ads or links to malware-infected sites. This is what is known as cloaking and will get a website removed from Google in very short order.

2. Unrelated Keywords

Google often looks at the keywords that make up a site. For example, a site about computer accessories will often contain that or similar links. This makes it easier for Google to index the site in the right spot. Some companies, however, try to gain new content by what is known as “keyword stuffing”. Mainly this involves hiding keywords with small font or camouflaged text to try and get listed more often. It may work short term but will get a site removed from the ranking quite quickly.

6 Bad SEO Practices You Should Avoid

3. Duplicate content

Some underhanded companies try to increase rankings by putting the exact same content on different pages. They can also steal copyrighted material to paste on their website. Google has gotten quite good at catching this and will happily penalize, or even remove, a website that has too much duplicate content.

4. Robot

Another underhanded technique is to use a “robot” to write content. In short, this involves writing one article and then having a program, or robot, rewrite the article by changing a few sentences and keywords.

5. Bad Neighborhoods

“Bad Neighborhoods” is how Google refers to questionable sites that constantly link to other harmful sites. While normally link exchanges are a good idea, constantly linking to sites, no matter what their reputation, in order to boost traffic will quickly get a site in trouble.

6. Title stacking

Much like cloaked content, Title stacking refers to including large amounts of false titles on a page to try and drum up more traffic.

As it is always said, there is no shortcut to success. Please avoid all the above sort of practices and follow genuine white hat ways that ensure slow but guaranteed and long term success.

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